The American Dream

The American Dream is every person who desperately strives for freedom and prosperity. Throughout the history, the utopian American Dream has been attracting people from all over the world to leave their countries in the pursuit of better life. Immigrants have been coming to the United States in an attempt to benefit profoundly from the land of great possibilities while those who remain there have been eager to use their full potential. However, taking into consideration the structure of society in the United States, as well as inequality, resulted from racial and ethnic stereotypes, one may claim that the American Dream is a relic of the past which does not really allow a person to improve her/his life, regardless of her/his background. Nevertheless, the idea of the American Dream still exists undergoing the transformations under the influence of economic circumstances. The future of the American Dream and the whole country greatly depends on social factors. Therefore, the notion of the American Dream has been changing according to the tendencies in the social life. The underlining concept of happiness remains achievable for those who work hard to reach it and pursue the goals of a common good as it is a part of essay on problem solving

Dreams in Different Cultures: The Utopian West

During the early modern period, people mainly viewed their dreams as the ideas they could hardly explain. Wishes and hopes they possessed had usually spiritual basis. In this respect, one can claim that Europeans and Americans of the early modern period can be compared to their ancient and medieval ancestors who developed their dreams according to the spiritual teachings. At the same time, different cultures possessed diverse attitude to the dreams. That controversy inspired many scholars to discuss the phenomenon of dreams applying European methods and interpretations. Exploring the ways in which the dreams were interpreted starting from the late 13th century, Wallace underlines the fact that they had an important role in the life of people and highlights their influence on the wellbeing of the society. In fact, dreams were absolutely crucial to diminish unfair spiritual and political authority.

A dream of a fairer world contributed to the emergence of the American Dream. Consequently, the image of the American West as a place of equality and success inspired people to follow it. However, some were disillusioned while others desperately tried to reach it. The discovery of a new land was expected to make people's dreams of adventure and perfection real. However, pondering on the collective and individual visions of the ideal American West, one can argue that the general expectations are utopian because rarely do people share their vision of the fair world. Unfortunately, the great American dream, which immigrants possessed or possess, is usually doomed to fail, leaving a dreamer devastated. Throughout the history, many searchers of the American Dream have become disillusioned with magical and unattainable promises of the West. The classic American literature perfectly sheds the light on the utopian nature of the American Dream portraying vividly adverse consequences of people's adventures in the pursuit of happiness. While the yawning gap between the pledge and the reality is extremely large, the American West can be regarded as a land littered with disappointed dreamers and failed hopes.

Transformation of the American Dream

The world develops. Thus, it is obvious that beliefs and desires of those who pursue the American Dream have been changing. Referring to the origins of the American Dream, one should focus on the time when it was created. The term appeared during the years of the Great Depression in America providing people with a “dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability and achievement”. Although the economic hardships of the Great Depression passed, the contemporary US community can only dream of becoming wealthy because the resources to prosper are mainly controlled by a few. Nevertheless, around seventy-two percent of Americans continue to believe that it is possible to transform from a penurious person into a rich man if one works hard. Thus, the American Dream is a reality for those who make enormous efforts to improve their lives because it raises hope.

Facing the changes of the contemporary world, the American Dream does not remain stable. According to Brandon King, one should view “the American Dream today as the potential to work for an honest, secure way of life and save for the future”. Compared to the past, modern people do not solely chase the material benefit. On the contrary, most Americans are happy to belong to the middle class and to lead a moderate lifestyle. In addition, the modern American Dream is stable employment which provides the descent living. Another transformation of the American Dream corresponds to the housing preferences. For example, more and more Americans are starting to rent the houses instead of buying them. Moreover, contemporary people want to feel secured and protected. While the material goods were the basis of safety and financial satisfaction in the past, modern people feel happy to earn less. It does not mean that they accept poverty. Instead, they value an opportunity of being employed and paying the bills without accumulating any debts

How to Achieve the Modern American Dream

Pondering on the illusions and stereotypes concerning the American Dream, it is also crucial to investigate the efforts a person should make to achieve their dream. Although it may seem that the American Dream is an illusion, people can improve their lives if they are ready to work hard for it. If the society manages to clearly articulate the importance of personal responsibility, it is possible to add a new meaning to the American Dream and to provide the new generations with a better life. Indeed, it necessary to act instead of waiting for the government to take initiative. If every person works hard for the social community, the positive changes will not make people wait. At the same time, people should not forget how their ancestors had been achieving the American Dream in the past. Undoubtedly, it is still necessary to broaden the knowledge, to share experience, to communicate with the neighbors, to innovate, to travel, and to inspire with devotion to the major goal. Even though the society defined the idea of the American dream and the ways to achieve it in the past, modern people are free to choose what rules to follow in order to fulfill it. Nevertheless, self-dependency and diligence are the two basic components of the American Dream that remain crucial for those who still want to build a better world.

Dreams and Politics

The scholars explore whether there is a link between the dreams and politics. It is obvious that governmental policy has a great impact on the contemporary society, as well as people's future. In fact, the relationship between politics and citizens' hopes is strong. For example, Kelly Bulkeley proves this statement in her research on the dreams and the political beliefs. During the investigation of their relations, she analyzed the flow of dreams in ten individuals. The participants of the project agreed to write journals of their dreams for one year and reveal their notes to the researcher. She conducted that study in order to discover what the contemporary Americans dream of and whether or not their definition of the American Dream is impacted by the politics. Exploring people's dreams, the author concludes that everyone's political viewpoint has a unique impact on human desires. Hence, the particular study shows how the human mind can reflect the changes in the political life in terms of the beliefs, hopes, and fears.

Moreover, the dreaming tendencies of people with diverse political perspectives can be regarded as an important basis for the ideas and purposes they have. Consequently, the modern American Dream changes under both economic and political circumstances. Bulkeley claims that although there are no similar persons possessing the same ideological beliefs, dreams, which they have, can be regarded as the creation of new political solutions. Being influenced by politics, the American Dream acquires a new interpretation. Thus, self-dependence, stability, and confidence in the state governmental policy can be regarded as the key factors of the American Dream in terms of politics.

To conclude, the American Dream continues to have an important role in the modern society. Although it may be different from the original one, it still focuses on the integration and devotion in the contemporary United States. Nowadays, people are satisfied with their moderate lifestyle and stability they have. It means that people spend less time on searching the material benefits. Instead, they aim to achieve harmony and justice. In addition, the link between politics and people's dreaming is apparent. In fact, people tend to change their dreams in response to the political situation in the country. Thus, it is crucial to find the balance between political and social lives. Furthermore, the American Dream transformed from the selfish pursuit of wealth into the compassionate fight for the prosperity of future generations. Hence, the confidence in politics of the country can be regarded as an additional important component of the modern American Dream. Thereby, the America Dream is still alive for people who make efforts to change the world.