No matter which version of Outlook you employ, you will ultimately encounter an issue with the search function. You’ll experience difficulties even in more recent versions of Outlook. Whether it only brings up half of the results or stops working altogether, you’ll come to the point where Outlook search problems may happen to you. Not to worry, this issue has simple solutions. Here’s what to do when you are having an Outlook search not working Windows 10 issue.

Steps to Fix Outlook Search Not working windows 10

There are some of the causes why the Outlook 2010 search function may not be working. Try the below steps to fix this Outlook search issue.

  • Update your Outlook

First of all, make sure outlook is updated, you have installed the latest updates. First, go to File, click on 'Office Account' and then 'Update Options' then 'Update Now.' After that, restart windows and check the problem "outlook search not showing old emails" fixed. Wait until Windows make the changes to features and then restarts your computer when prompted.

  • Rebuild the MS Outlook Search Index

If Outlook is already check-marked and the folder is set for indexing, but search results are not working, try to manually rebuild the Windows search index that helps to fix Outlook search result problems.

  • Modify Indexing options

This is another useful solution. Open Microsoft Outlook, go to the File. Now, select 'Search' then 'Indexing' options. Now click on the Modify button. Then, deselect the Microsoft Outlook radio button. Click 'OK' and exit Outlook. Now restart the outlook again and select the Microsoft outlook from the 'Indexing.'

In most cases, these steps resolve the Outlook issues in searching mails from various folders.


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