Have you ever witnessed someone being detained? It's always "I did nothing wrong!" until there is evidence proving their wrongdoing. There's aion classic kinah a whole field (criminal defense attorneys) which's entire focus is trying to convince people you're innocent when most of the time it is.

Stop trying to convince me that you're not an exception, and that you're truly not lying, as I'm not convinced, short of NCSoft clearly announcing "Exiting and re-entering a dungeon to complete a quest more than times could be punished with the issuance of a ban."

How many are members of your legion? Did all of them report their ban status or their ban status? There is a possibility that people could be banned, even if they are not saying so on discord.

Your reasoning is remarkably like "my family doesn't wear masks (do repeated tasks) and we have not had covid (did not get banned) So, not wearing a mask (doing repeatables) doesn't increase the probability of you being covid (getting exiled)"

"Ever see someone get arrested? It's always "I haven't done anything wrong!" Until that evidence is available to prove that they did wrong.

or when it turns out or when it is revealed that they were telling the truth...look or what? Everything is a possibility. I'm talking about everything. take a different direction. Therefore, if you insist on accepting a business that is KNOWN for causing problems frequently (and holy damn, NCSHiT is very good in that regard) and then, we will most likely won't have anything to discuss since you are too naive and one to blindly follow this type of business. If the government states something, I bet you take it as the word of God or some such thing. But anyhow, keep up the good life , young grasshopper.

"Hi Cherish. "Hi Cherish. They agreed to investigate and seek out further information. I'll be checking in for any new developments that have been made which are worthy of sharing with the world.

A person was banging on people whom they could see in and out of SR. This seems like a very cruel act. However, I've an idea that this company doesn't record any of their activities , therefore buy aion classic kinah eu it is all manually controlled and must be observed in real time.