There are now many old players in Animal Crossing who are less interested in the game because of the lack of new content for the event. In response to this situation, Nintendo decided to launch limited-time items in September, hoping to regain the love of players. The following are all limited-time items throughout September. 

Moon Rug- Most players like to decorate their houses with cool and beautiful rugs. Players can ACNH Buy Bells to make their island more beautiful. Therefore, if you are one of these users, you can purchase Moon Rug in the store between September 12th and 30th. You can buy it for 2,000 bells, or you can sell it for only 500 bells. This is a seasonal item celebrating "Moon Viewing Day". 

Grape Harvest Basket-the first item a player can buy from the shop. It will provide a full month, so make sure to get it on the first day. This is the return project of last year's Harvest festival. Avatar carries a grape harvest basket with purple grapes and green grape leaves on it. 

Songpyeon- Songpyeon is the last limited item we will see in September and will be available from September 12th to September 30th. It is miscellaneous furniture that can be obtained for 1,100 Bells in Nook Shopping. 

Dango and moon cakes-Surprisingly, there are two other items that can be used to celebrate the "Moon Viewing Day". They are Dango and Moon cakes, all food, which look very realistic at first glance. It’s nice to see that Nintendo is paying great attention to new foods in the current update. In September, it will be available in stores from 12-30 at the same time as Moon Rug. 

The above is the limited-time items that will be launched in September in a few days. Are you interested in them all? Welcome to our website to tell us.