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As a researcher, you must publish your work to advance your career and contribute to research. Now that the differences have been described, Best Essays UK, how should you actually write it? You can start by selecting a magazine. See your reference list. At least some of the articles you read are likely to have been published in journals whose scope matches your work. Selecting a journal also allows you to tailor the article to the specific requirements of that journal.

Publishing your data for the benefit of the scientific community is an academic requirement. The structure of the article for a publication is different from the structure of a thesis. Publishing your dissertation in a magazine is therefore going to take more work, but it can also make you an author with published works!

In this paper, are analyzed several issues that facing the doctoral student and future researcher, about the academic essay writing, also of your own dissertation and in turn, moves the problem to the academic writing of a scientific paper from student and researcher, from the partial products of his doctoral thesis. It discusses common problems in writing a scientific paper, the role of tutors, from the academic community, the magazine article, etc. Finally are presented some methodological proposals useful in the teaching of writing a scientific paper.

How to prepare a thesis by a compendium of scientific articles

The presentation of the doctoral thesis by a compendium of relevant scientific publications that show the research capacity of the doctoral student and the results of their research has become a specific option for obtaining the title in many disciplines.

The objective of the book is to collect in a single synthetic and easy-to-read work the good practices for writing doctoral theses by a compendium of publications, Best Dissertation Writing Services UK, proposing a series of guidelines that serve as a guide. Throughout its pages, the basic aspects of writing, length, structure, etc. are explained. Likewise, the various tasks that must be carried out to complete the job successfully are detailed.

This work is aimed at any graduate, researcher, or teacher interested in writing and publishing scientific articles in specialized journals, being of particular interest for those doctoral students who wish to carry out a doctoral thesis by compiling scientific articles.

Publication of thesis

The publication of undergraduate theses in scientific journals is a matter that deserves reflection. First, review what is the purpose of the thesis?; In most medical schools, the thesis is a research work, and both the written report and the oral presentation are scored; From this, we can deduce that its purpose is to prove that the candidate can do, and communicate their research.

Ideally, all research should end in a scientific publication; however, not necessarily all thesis are publishable. The factors of originality, contribution to scientific or technological knowledge, and the documentation of the work are not always required in an undergraduate thesis and even in some magister, but they are mandatory in an article.


Several factors can explain the low publication rate, one is that the thesis presentation formats are different from the format of the scientific article published in journals, requiring the graduate to adapt the format to attempt its publication (2). It is the second factor, they are the advisers; In some universities, many of the thesis advisers have not written theses or published a research article. A study carried out found a positive association between having published with being under 40 years of age, Dissertation Help in UK, being a professor at a university where a thesis is required to obtain a degree, and being a professor at a university.