The veterinary community is also compiling and analyzing data on diet-related DCM in dogs.

Grain-free items do not  have corn, soy, wheat, rice, barley, or other grains.

Goldens are not one of the breeds genetically inclined to DCM but veterinarians have been researching it in them more often than they had previously.

DCM is nothing but a disease in which the heart muscle becomes weak, contributing to the loss of the ability to contract normally and pump blood through the body. Symptoms of DCM can comprise weakness, lethargy, shortness of breath, fainting, and the inability of exercise. It can often be life-threatening.

The connection between grain-free foods and DCM is still under investigation, as there are many variables to be taken into account. 

Keep in mind that some dogs are allergic to certain grains and may need to dodge them. 

Diseases which affect goldens, like inflammatory bowel disease or atopic skin diseases and allergies, have a strong connection to the items they consume. 

Your golden’s age, lifestyle, daily activity level, health, and medical conditions are pertinent regarding the food they intake and the quantity.

You can always regulate the amount of food he intakes based on his weight and health.


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