In previous games, villagers played a more important role than New Vision. They used to have more expressions, and talking to them was more interesting than ever. You can buy Animal Crossing Items to Exchange different villagers. Especially in ACNH, after getting all the frames of your villagers, communicating with them becomes a burden. In addition, compared to other games in the series, there is not enough dialogue in the game. 

Due to the lack of dialogue, most players like to ignore their villagers because they don't want to hear the same dialogue all the time. This is completely understandable, and Nintendo should introduce new dialogues into the game soon. Another reason the villagers are bored is that they did not get enough favors from them. 

In the past, you could talk to villagers, ask them for help or ask for what they want you to do for them. This makes exploring the island more interesting, and logging in every day is never a problem. However, in New Horizons, you cannot get quests from your villagers until they approach you by themselves. In addition, the chances of getting the task are completely random, and you may not get it for many days. 

But in previous games, it was easy because at least one villager always arranged some tasks for you. This helps to establish a strong connection with them in the new horizon, but this is not the case. Most players just like to spend time with them to increase the level of friendship; therefore, if any villagers leave the island, they will be more excited to invite new villagers. Do you like the villagers in New Horizons or the previous titles? You can go to the website to discuss with us.