Surrogate mother in Mumbai using the below-mentioned methods, and these are:

  1. Independent journey:Independent surrogacy is a journey in which couples are solely responsible for hiring their surrogate mother in Mumbai. With the help of this method, couples can search the surrogate mother on surrogacy websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), place an ad in classifieds, etc. through this method, people can avoid the expenses for hiring a surrogate mother by fertility clinic or agencies. However, couples need to bear all the additional costs and take proper care of the surrogate mother so that she will be able to deliver a healthy baby.

How to find Surrogate Mother in Mumbai: The couples looking for the surrogate mother in Mumbai need to create their profiles and post them on websites so that surrogate mothers can view the profiles. While making a profile, couples can give their brief introduction, which will help the surrogate mother in Mumbai to understand the couple's requirement, and also they know the preference of the couples.  

After reading the couple's profile, when the surrogate mother approaches them before beginning the procedure, both parties sit together and discuss the expectations and preferences, which give an idea that both parties are on the same platform and are ready to work together to achieve the successful outcome.

  1. Help from family & friends: It is another way couples can find a surrogate mother in Mumbai. It is a method in which couples can post on their private groups that they are looking for a surrogate mother to have their baby. With this method, people will find that someone from their friends or relatives can become a surrogate mother. It is a method where the friends or relatives are willingly ready to help them and in some cases, they do not charge anything from the couples or a very minimal surrogate mother cost couples pay from their side as a token of their love to the lady who took the initiative and pain to deliver a baby for them.

  2. Surrogacy Mother Agency in Mumbai: People can hire the surrogate mother in Mumbai from surrogacy agencies or fertility clinics who will do all the research work on behalf of couples and match the preference according to their requirements. These agencies of fertility clinics will properly examine each surrogate mother they hired for the infectious diseases, genetic disorders, physical and psychological health before they begin to offer their services. Indian Surrogate Mother is one of the best fertility clinics that hire healthy and fertile surrogate mothers between the age group of 21 to 38 who ensure the highest success rates.

When people call these surrogacy agencies or fertility clinics, the experts will discuss the couples' preference and their expectations from the surrogate mother; accordingly, they will find the best surrogate mother in Mumbai. Suppose the hired surrogate mother and biological parents express the same interest. In that case, the next step is to arrange for a meeting where both parties will get enough time to understand each other's requirements and work accordingly together.

The best part of hiring surrogate mothers from the surrogacy agencies or fertility clinics is that the couple will get proper counseling and complete support till the baby is delivered; however, these services people will not get in independent surrogacy or surrogate hired from friends or family.

Indian Surrogate Mothers is a fertility clinic where people will find the best surrogate mothers. The surrogacy experts of this clinic will guide each individual on every step of their treatment from the initial stage until the baby delivers.

What after surrogate mother in Mumbai is matched?

Once the couple gets their matched surrogate mother in Mumbai, they need to visit the Indian Surrogate Mothers fertility clinic. 

Both parties need to sign a legal contract to run the procedure smoothly and sign it before the process begins. The agreement states that the surrogate mother will carry a baby in her womb and hand over the baby after delivery to the biological parents, and her family has no issues. On the other hand, the birth parents are ready to bear all the pre & post-expenses of the surrogate mother, including her compensation to tender her services.

How does the surrogacy procedure work in Mumbai?

Surrogacy is a procedure that will be performed at Indian Surrogate Mothers in two ways: (i) gestational surrogacy and (ii) traditional surrogacy.

(i) In gestational surrogacy, the fertility expert will use the donor eggs or genetic mother eggs and mix them with donor sperm or genetic father's sperm to ease the fertilization step. Once the fertilization occurs, the formed embryo will be implanted into the uterus of the gestational surrogate mother. It is a surrogacy procedure that allows the couple to have a genetic relationship with the baby born through surrogacy.

(ii) In traditional surrogacy, the fertility experts will use the donor eggs or mix the surrogate mother's eggs with the donor sperm or the genetic father's sperm to smooth the fertilization process. Once the fertilization occurs, the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the traditional surrogate mother. It is a surrogacy procedure that allows only the male member to have a genetic relationship with the baby born through surrogacy.

How can couples take a baby to their home city?

Upon the completion of the surrogacy procedure, the couple needs to file an application on the 3rd day of the baby born in the court asking for the birth certificate should have the name of the genetic parents as a legal parent and the surrogate mother and her husband is willingly ready to surrender their parental rights. The court will review all the relevant documents and order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a new birth certificate. After the couple received a birth certificate, they can take the baby and fly to their home city.