Fans of Nintendo’s popular video game series Animal Crossing are taking a new spin in their beloved Sandbox Garden, as the latest version of Animal Crossing’s popular Japanese manga titled Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Deserted Island Diaries Will get an English translation, courtesy of Viz media. 
Originally published exclusively in Japan in 2020, this manga was written and drawn by Kokonasu Rumba. If you first time to play the game, I suggest you buy Animal Crossing Bells from ACItems. It will embark on a fascinating journey in the delightful and quaint world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, featuring characters from the game For example, in the humorous exploration of the desert island environment discovered by Tom, who is irritable and may exploit others, Nook or the friendly and strange fearful ghost Wisp. 
Although the series has multiple manga series, including a recent series that is also based on new horizons, called News From the Carefree Island, Deserted Island Diary is the only manga officially released in English. A whimsical interpretation of the weird world. New Horizon​​ ns, the fifth mainline game in the series. 
In a press release, Viz Media stated that this new graphic novel will be the perfect companion for experienced fans and first-time fans, presenting lively antics and adventures in a vibrant and appropriately quirky world, and many fans' favorite villager Animal Crossing. This version will also include a summary of additional information about the premise, such as tips and tricks for video games, and an animal guide that provides information about many long-loved villagers. 
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the second highest-selling game on Nintendo Switch. According to Nintendo, its total sales are 33.89 million units. This will make more players willing to buy Cheap Animal Crossing Items. It remains to be seen whether some of the long-pending mysteries in the series will reveal the answers, such as where all Tom Nook's money comes from, or whether Blathers will overcome his lifelong fear against bugs.