These are the best weapon combinations for any character.

One of the qualities that set New World apart from most other MMORPGs is the fact that it is built around fighting. Each weapon has its own class, and a large part of the gameplay and skill revolves around customizing your physique and learning how to use the weapon of your choice. Each player can carry up to two weapons at the same time. Since the effectiveness of each weapon varies with certain stats, it is advisable to choose weapons that have the same stats. In addition to the scaling of the values, there are also weapons, which of course relate to the respective role of the player, e.g. B. as a supporter or tank, work together. Here are the best weapon combinations for every character in the New World

Ax and bow
Many New World players are familiar with the bow and ax weapon combo as it is one of the best combos for single-player PvP and skirmishes. Both weapons decrease strength and mobility and do great damage to a single target. They cover both ranged and hand-to-hand combat, and the ax gives players access to the Berserker skill tree, which is invaluable for PvP.

Ice gloves and a musket or a thin sword
This weapon combo is perfect for large New World PvP events like B. Outpost Rush and War. Ice gloves cause a lot of disruption and damage out of range and can protect the user with the Entomb ability which makes them temporarily invulnerable. The Frost Debuff caused by certain Ice Armor skills is tailored to limit the mobility of opposing players and give your team the upper hand. In addition to the ice gloves with high single target damage, you should use the musket or fine sword as a second weapon. All three weapons have agility and intelligence.

Fire staff and fine sword
The rapier and fire staff share intelligence expansion and are one of the best weapon combinations for PvE damage in the New World. This is the ideal combination for expeditions and other PvE ventures as it cuts through hordes of predators and high-level bosses with equal ease. The fire staff deals massive damage from a long distance, while the fine sword specializes in dealing damage and reducing bleeding to a single target. While the player has a way to stop the bleeding, most AI enemies cannot.

Staff of life and ax
Currently, the Staff of Life is the most powerful (and only) healing weapon in the New World, so dedicated support players should use it in PvE and PvP. The Staff of Life lowers focus and therefore does not have significant statistical synergies with other weapons. However, most players like to combine it with the ax as it is a flexible weapon that offers good damage and mobility. The passive skill "Defying Death" also works well with the healing abilities of the Life Staff.

So far, these are arguably the best weapon combinations in the New World. You can come to to buy them or you can buy cheap new world coins to get more rare New World items in-game. We anticipate that once the new world is fully released, the build options will be diverse. The expected content will include a range of new weapons, including daggers and pistols, as well as new staff and gauntlets.