As the name, Angular means something related to javascript. By using Angular, you can create a website application of any web using javascript means which will get the overall feature of javascript means your pages will not get a refresh in any operation you will perform. That means that our websites are going to be efficient enough to give you a faster output.

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If you are already familiar with javascript, you know that your page doesn't get posted whenever you put something like client-side validation or something. It is licensed under apache and is maintained by Google.

When we set the environment variable of Angular javascript, you will see the participation of Google in that. So as I already say, it is a javascript framework using which you can create your website right. And which type of websites you can work on here, the SPA projects means single page application projects.


●   Using Angular JS, you are good to create an RIA application. RIA stands for rich internet application. But apart from that, the best feature of AngularJS is the inclusion of MVC architecture. So many vendors like Microsoft, Java all use this architecture to create their web applications.

●    And let me know that MVC is a model view controller. Apart from that, Angular JS nowadays is compatible with all the latest versions of browsers available. Like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it will be in all the latest browsers, and maybe the older version may not be compatible with AngularJS.

●   If you notice about javascript, different browsers have different Javascript engines inside to execute the javascript code. Just because of that, javascript has different code compatibility with the different browsers. In the case of AngularJS, it chooses the best suitable code for your particular browser means a developer doesn't need to focus on the code it is writing in javascript. Still, AngularJS finds the most suitable code for the browser.

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The following tips can help you prepare for your Angular interview: Stay up-to-date with various programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, and HTML coding, as working within Angular can require the use of different language applications.

Here are the most frequently asked angular interview questions.

1. Why were client-side frameworks like Angular introduced?

2. How does an Angular application work?

3. What are some of the advantages of Angularjs over other frameworks?

4. List out differences between AngularJS and Angular.

5. What is an AOT compilation? What are the advantages of AOT?

6. Explain Components, Modules, and Services in Angular.

7. What are lifecycle hooks in Angular? Explain a few lifecycle hooks.

8. Explain string interpolation and property binding in Angular.

9. How are Angular expressions different from JavaScript expressions?

10. Angular, by default, uses client-side rendering for its applications.

By learning and understanding various in-demand frameworks, you not only improve your knowledge but also give yourself a better chance of bagging a job.

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