React is a JavaScript library that helps developers create interactive and fluid web interfaces for desktop and mobile applications. This system is open-source and is based on components. The front-end library of these programs is assigned only to influence the viewing experience for the user. In the model view controlling architecture, the view layer will be more responsible for the application's feels and looks. React library was created by a Facebook software engineer named Jordan Walke. 
For example, the Instagram website is built on an entirely different condition using React. The programs help people with a react certification get a better understanding of how React works. React helps programmers divide the user interface into a multitude of components and they make the code much easier to be debugged. Through this method, each component will have a set function and property. 
What are the features of React language?
JavaScript Syntax Extension
JSX is a syntax with an extension to JavaScript and it is applicable for describing exactly what the user interface should look like. Using the system of JSX, a person with react training in Bangalore can easily write complex HTML structures in the same file that contains reliable JavaScript codes. This process makes every code easy to debut and understand while eliminating the usage of complex DOM structures in JavaScript. 
Virtual DOM
React has a very lightweight representation of the Real DOM inside the memory module and that is known as the VDOM or virtual DOM. The manipulation of real DOM is a much slower process than manipulating a virtual DOM as nothing appears on the screen. When the screen or object state changes, it only reflects in the real DOM instead of updating equally on all objects. 
The process may seem a little overwhelming to newbies so a short explanation of DOM might be helpful.
Document object module aims to treat an HTML document or XML document as a tree where every node represents an object or a part of the document. When the object state changes inside a react application, it automatically updates the VDOM. A developer with a react certification will now compare the state of the object currently to the previous states, as well as any updates in those documents instead of updating the state of all objects.