Did you feel stiffness in your neck recently? Or any sort of pain in the neck and shoulders? If yes, then remember, it is an alarming situation! Without wasting much of your time, pull up your socks to do something about it. An individual should never ignore neck, shoulders, or back pain. It might be a signal for cervical pain! Whether sure or unsure, in case of pain in the neck region, immediately change your pillows. It is the first and the easiest step we can take on our level before seeking a doctor's help. Anyway, a doctor would also most probably suggest a nice orthopedic Cervical Pillow along with his treatment. 


What is a Cervical Pillow?


Cervical Pillow is not like rigid pillows that don't adjust as per neck or extremely weak pillows that go flat in no time. A good cervical-support pillow is the one which is designed in a way to extend support to the neck.


Cervical Pillows For Neck Pain!


These pillows are especially created to give comfort to the hollow space between the head and the back. It gives relief to the cervical spine! 

  • These are designed to lift the head in a way that pressure isn't exerted on the neck only.
  • The height of the cervical pillows depends upon the 'comfort' or the 'specifications.'
  • Such pillows help in the spinal alignment which is important for having a pain-free and peaceful sleep.


What Kind Of Memory Foam Pillow Is Good For Cervical Spondylosis? 


There can be many cervical pillows in various shapes and sizes. But finding a better one is a huge task. However, many use butterfly shaped cervical pillows, many use cylindrical pillows, while many try bamboo pillows also. But it totally depends upon the user to choose a better cervical pillow on the basis of

  • Height of the loft
  • Filling
  • Shape and size
  • Pillowcase


To be true, it is worth mentioning that Sleepsia Cervical Pillow - Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow for sleeping fulfills all the requirements and fits the user. Undoubtedly it is the best pillow for cervical pain. We can discuss it later but before that it is important to know what exactly is this cervical spondylosis?


What Is Cervical Spondylosis? 


Wear and tear of the discs of the spine causes cervical spondylosis. In most cases, it may further deepen the issues by narrowing the space which is required by the spinal cord and nerves. 

  • This condition results in pain in the neck region.
  • It may cause stiffness, the feeling of neck region being jammed.
  • Sometimes the feeling of pinching needles, tingling, etc. is also observed.
  • Headaches.
  • Pain in the thighs, legs, hips, or back.


What Pillow Is Better For Cervical Spondylosis?


An orthopedic pillow, contoured, having dual lofts with a butterfly shape is a great pillow for relief in cervical pain. Such pillows are good because-

  1. Help in alignment
  2. Designed in a way that doesn't let the neck take the pressure.
  3. Also, have dual sides with different heights to let the user choose the best and the most comfortable one.


Who Should Use A Cervical Pillow?


Say, who shouldn't use a cervical pillow? and then we would say No One! This clearly means almost everyone can sleep on such cervical pillows. Especially those who have been sitting doing work from home for hours. 


For Those In Pain


For those who struggle with this pain, it is a great option. An individual should definitely invest in something good and these pillows are your 'that good.' 


Conclusion - Best Cervical Pillow - USA 


With an increase in work from culture, bad sitting posture, late night twists and rolls with binge-watching, the problem of spondylosis has also shot up! In that case, one must depend on a good Sleepsia Best Cervical Pillow - Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow for Sleeping. After all,


  • It Has Ergonomic Design.
  • It Shows Slow Rebound.
  • Have Breathable and Removable covers.
  • Has Centre Cavity To Cradle Our Heads.
  • Has Convex Side Panels For Shoulders and Cervical Protection Area For The Back Too.
  • It is CertiPUR- US Certified.
  • Another Feature, It Is Hypoallergenic Also.
  • Specially Mentioning, It Is A Stress-Buster Pillow Too! Why Use? Because proper sleep never opens doors for anxiety or stress. 


So what are you waiting for? Any signs of cervical pain, immediately rush to bring the ergonomic pillows home, with a good diet, and exercise, regularly!