Japan is a very contradictory country. You can see that many Japanese people are very conservative, many people abide by traditional moral codes, and the relationship between men and women is relatively traditional.

But on the one hand, they are very open. Japan is a big erotic country, and their adult industry is particularly developed. In Japan, you can find many sensual places everywhere. Many Japanese people go back to shops to buy adult products. This is also the development of the adult industry.

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Resist marriage

The Japanese society is under great pressure, most of them are very busy at work. They have to deal with various work affairs and even entertain customers during holidays. This makes many people exhausted. When people feel tired, they don't have the energy to maintain the relationship between husband and wife, because this seems to be a very exhausting thing.

The development of the Sex Dolls industry has enabled more and more people to meet their own needs. Therefore, the two parties in the marriage need less and less need for each other, especially some real sex dolls, they are no different from others, and are more docile and beautiful than others. People can also choose different dolls according to their own preferences.

Communication between partners decreases, family fun decreases, and the emotional connection between members decreases. Busy work has no time to communicate with partners, making family life more boring, and the indifferent environment makes many partners end their relationship. When there is no love between partners, feelings are a burden for them. Obviously, in Japan, many couples are eager to get out of their marriage.

Long-term indifferent marriage will inevitably affect the stability of the relationship between husband and wife, so they prefer unfettered love instead of trusting their emotions. There is a particularly famous bar street in Japan. Many people who feel frustrated like to go there. They feel spiritually free and relaxed.

A person is free. When they are drunk, they will not go home, but choose to spend the night on a bench on the side of the road, holding their own wine bottle in their hands. Looks very lonely, but very happy, and Mini Sex Dolls will not call to ask where they are, let alone pick them up.

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Birth rate decreases

Japan’s adult industry is very developed. Even if people have problems in their marriages, they can still solve their physical problems in many other ways, and there is no need to worry about not being solved. Especially between partners, the other half does not have to deliberately please each other to get certain opportunities. Many behaviors are optional, and people can choose a lifestyle that they are satisfied with.

Just like eating, when you feel hungry, there is a very sour orange in front of you. You don’t like to eat, but you are too hungry. You have to put all your efforts to get this peach to solve you Hunger. But when you are in a forest, there are too many oranges for you to choose from. After that, you don't even want to eat sour oranges because you have to put in a lot of effort. But now there is no need for any effort, as long as you raise your hand, you can eat a lot of sweet oranges.

The partner is a sour peach, and Cheap Sex Doll is like a sweet orange. If you like the taste of sweet oranges, you won't like the taste of sour peaches anymore. We can see that many dolls are now made very realistic, and they feel even better than real people. You can feel that they are like a real person, giving you a more comfortable feeling.

The emergence of BBW Sex Doll has made people no longer desire marriage in Japan, and they have a better plan. Sex is a way for couples to maintain their emotions. If this advantage ceases to exist, then this relationship will be difficult to maintain, and at the same time they don't want children to restrain themselves.

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Therefore, the birth rate in Japan is getting lower and lower. The government had to take coercive measures to restore normalcy. In order to attract more couples to have children, many preferential policies were introduced. But now it seems that the downward trend in the birth rate cannot be suppressed. The development of the physical doll industry has allowed people to solve problems in their intimate relationships through other means, resulting in many couples being unable to actively face and resolve asexual marriages.

You look at a physical doll like a real person, you will look for its beauty, and you will be too drunk. It is not difficult to understand why the marriage rate and birth rate are so low in Japan today. We can see that this is a social trend, and it is difficult to suppress the trend of this era.