Rocket League has a plethora of spectacular goal explosions, but that doesn't deter the most dedicated players from searching for the most elusive of them. The following list will showcase the five most unusual goal explosions that have occurred in Rocket League.
Neither the seasonal nor tournament reward goal explosions will be included in this list; instead, it will only include goal explosions that can be purchased or ones that can be unlocked by participating in both Casual and Competitive Playlists, where cheap Rocket League credits are available.

Dragon made of paper
This explosion was first introduced in January 2020 and then again in January 2021 as a part of the Lucky Lanterns event, both of which took place in January 2020. The explosion could be accessed at any time during the event. Part of the reason for its scarcity stems from the fact that it was only available for a limited period of time during a limited-time event. It's also important to note that the goal explosion comes at a high cost, costing 2000 credits when it first appeared in the shop.

Dueling Dragons is a role-playing game.
The drop was originally released as part of the Velocity Series before being re-released as part of the Golden Pumpkin and Golden Latern drops. Because of this, the Dueling Dragons explosion is now a rare Black Market goal explosion that can only be obtained through chance drops that players receive after the game has ended. Due to the large number of other items that can be obtained through this chance drop, the Dueling Dragons goal explosion is one of the most elusive in all of Rocket League and buy Rocket League credits.

Goal explosions involving Batman and T. Rex.
They were included in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack and the Jurassic World Car Pack, respectively. It was released on March 8, 2016, for the Batman v Superman DLC, and it was released on June 18, 2018 for the Jurassic World DLC, both in anticipation of their respective films.

The fact that the Batman goal explosion was not included in the original pack, but was instead given to players who purchased the pack as a bonus after the fact adds to its exclusivity. Furthermore, the explosion can only be installed on Batmobiles.

Both of these DLC packs were only available for a limited time period and are no longer available for purchase. Furthermore, none of the items contained within these packs are eligible for trading.


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Reaper with a painted face
The regular reaper goal explosion was already considered to be a rare occurrence. Afterward, Psyonix proceeded to introduce the Painted variant of the explosion, which quickly rose to become one of the most sought-after and valuable items in the entire game.

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According to the system being used, prices range from 10,000 credits for the most basic Painted versions to up to 72,000 credits for the Titanium White version. This Painted goal explosion solidifies any player's status as a legend and will undoubtedly draw as many eyes as the amount of credits spent on the explosion.

Hot Wheels RC Rivals Set (includes one of each color)
This real-life car pack went on sale on November 1st, 2018, and has since been discontinued, which means that the production of codes for the goal explosion associated with it has long since ceased. The Hot Wheels explosion, like some of the other explosions on this list, is not tradable.

Both the manner in which it was sold and the amount it cost contribute to the rarity of this explosion. Because the goal explosion was sold in real life as an add-on to a product, many players were completely unaware of its existence while it was still in play. Apart from that, even if players were aware of the explosion, it is unlikely that they would have purchased the toy car set for the goal explosion in the first place. Despite the fact that the Hot Wheels RC Rivals Set was sold for a whopping $179.99 USD, many people refrained from purchasing it solely for the Rocket League goal explosion.

Two and a half years later, the goal explosion remains the most rare of all, and it is unlikely that it will ever be knocked off the top of the podium.