Packaging is playing a very vital role in today's world. It is as important as the product. The manufacturer needs to consider the fact that they have to understand the customers' desires so that they get the best results in the form of profits. The packaging is the foremost thing that comes in interaction with the customer. People nowadays always get attracted to items that are innovative and unique. They want the things that are in the "trends" so that they can be acceptable in the society. 


Despite the fact that the packaging is perfect, the customization of the boxes should also be excellent. The custom box printing is are now very famous and being used by many of the companies. The customized boxes consist of unique and innovative brand logos, taglines, pictorial visuals, catchy colored themes, and proper printing on the packages.


People are always looking for products that provide them with ease. Therefore, the company should come up with unique custom packaging boxes so that they can easily be differentiated from the competitors in the market. If the customer's desires and needs are fulfilled, they become loyal to the brand and create a positive word of mouth, which eventually increases the sales and brand value.


There are various types of custom printed packaging boxes in the market. People also want these packaging services online. For this reason, they often search a query custom packaging services near me on web. Many packaging companies offer custom printed boxes online.


Some of the common types of custom boxes that are very popular these days are listed below:


Cardboard Custom Boxes: 


The most famous type of custom box is the cardboard custom packaging boxes. These are used everywhere. The cardboard is actually the material that is being used to make the custom boxes which are then used in the packaging of different products by the various firms or businesses. This material that is being used in the making of the cardboard boxes is extracted from the wood pulp. Then the custom box for packaging is made in different sizes and shapes, which eventually loses its environmental friendly factor.


The cardboard custom boxes for packaging are primarily used for the sensitive materials, and that can tend to be expired, damaged, or broken. These products can be some jewelry items or food products. The best choice for such things is the cardboard custom box. These are the boxes which are not too expensive and the material can be easily available in the market without any effort.


Custom Kraft Boxes: 


Another prevalent type of custom box is the Kraft boxes for packaging. These are made for the Kraft paper. Kraft is an eco-friendly material. It is a material that can be recycled or reused easily and frequently. It has another feature: it is very easy and convenient to decompose the Kraft custom boxes. The quality of the custom Kraft boxes is way better than the cardboard boxes.


It is a multi-layered box that provides security to the product that is being packed in the Kraft box. This material is a bit expensive yet has the best quality. The custom Kraft boxes can be used to pack sensitive and valuable items such as jewelry items, different cosmetics, watches, or mobile phones. It can help in the protection of the valuable items when being transported or shipped.


Custom corrugated cardboard boxes: 


An additional type of custom boxes that has gained popularity is the custom corrugated cardboard boxes. This is the second most famous type of custom boxes that are being used in the market after the cardboard boxes. They are somewhat the same as the cardboard boxes in the appearance but have some distinct features that make them different from the cardboard boxes. The corrugated boxes have double layers, making them more challenging, rigid, and robust than the cardboard boxes.


They are made in a way so that the product that is being packed in it does not get broken or damaged and can easily be delivered to the desired destination through transportation or shipping. These boxes come with customizable shapes and sizes according to the product that has to be packed inside it. These corrugated boxes are used to pack the fragile items which are transported or shipped on a retail basis. The printing on corrugated boxes is done easily. The corrugated boxes have another feature: they can bear weather conditions such as scorching heat, moisture, or humidity as well.  


Foldable custom boxes: 


Some products need to be eye-catching through their packaging. The foldable custom boxes or cartons are used for such items. The manufacturers are of that thought that they want to create a different and unique look for their product to be displayed to the customer to help them grab their attention. This would highly affect the sales in a positive manner. These foldable custom boxes are also now being customized according to the desires of the customers.


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