Lufthansa is a premium class airline and carries a number of passengers daily. It is the largest airline in Germany and offers excellent services to its passengers. Lufthansa flies to major destinations in a day and provides various classes to travel. Premium economy class is one of them; some customers want to make changes in their flight or change the class of their flight to get the best comfort they can. Therefore, many customers ask does Lufthansa have premium economy seats; the answer is yes, Lufthansa offers premium economy seats to their passengers to travel conveniently. 


Ways to upgrade from economy to premium economy class


It is essential to understand how to make changes in the economy class of flight to the premium economy. Following are some points to keep in mind while upgrading the class:

Open the official website of Lufthansa, or you can also open the Lufthansa app.

Go to the log in option and enter the email id and password.
Now go to the ‘my booking’ option, and you can see your current booking with Lufthansa.
Select the class you want to change and select the fee based on the destination and number of passengers.

How do I speak to a live person at Lufthansa?

You will get the best deal to upgrade from economy to premium economy. 
Review your changes again and tap on the Finish button to submit the difference, and confirmation of change will be sent to your registered email id immediately.
This is how you can change the class of seats from economy to premium economy. If the above ways don’t satisfy your requirements, you can approach the Lufthansa customer service anytime by call, live chat, email and social media