Studying is more enjoyable when it is engaging, as KidZania Dubai demonstrates. Kidzania, a 7,000 square meter model of a prominent place, is where children may learn, explore, and start to handle responsibility. It is a fantastic method to move youngsters from the actual world to a realm of fantasy. MyBayut gives you a selection of the most adventurous things available at KidZania, as well as event details. So, if you're ready to enter this world of fun and enjoyment, then visit Kidzania Dubai.

  • Desert Safari

While timing is not a factor when going on a Dubai desert safari Deals, a nighttime desert safari is an ideal option if you are on a guided trip or a family holiday. Desert Safari Dubai also ensures your safety by transporting you to and from any destination in Dubai. You'll see spectacular desert landscapes while riding through the dunes and having a time of a lifetime. 

  • Popular activities for kids at kidzania Dubai

Kids can pick from 40 meaningful role-playing events. They can actively participate in either of these events and have the opportunity to appear and look like grownups for a whole day. Each exercise house contains a sign indicating the number of children who can perform the activity simultaneously and the length of the session. Some billboards also include details on the age ranges that can join in an event and Kidzoes. The Kidzania currencies, which children must acquire and sometimes purchase to participate in events at the park. Children can use Kidzos to indulge themselves in a shopping trip or a luxury day. Among the most common development for children are as engaging as other activities.

  • Kidzania academy

Here, learners acquire many players, such as gloved props, clowns, and finger props. They manage to modify and incorporate them to attract the crowd during a skill event in a theatre. KidZania Dubai Acting Academy assists kids in building skills as they prepare to participate in the play.

  • Discover the nature records of Kidzania and the gold jewellery store

Children may visit the natural archives to explore historical treasures and learn more about significant historical components through papers. This Kidzania exercise, similar to training to be an archaeologist, is designed to spark children's interest in history. kidzania also has a jewellery shop where kids can manufacture tiny decorations and harness their creative talents.     

  • Flik flak city clock and metropolitan theatre

National theatre allows students to explore numerous plays and display their skills. The Flik flak will enable youngsters to celebrate the New Year by dancing their hearts out on the city clock.

  • Course for VR special agents

Kidzania provides VR secret agent training to small children who enjoy James bond films and aspire to be agents.

  • Simulation game of flying

There are two choices of activities for kids. They may work as flight crews, or they can sit inactive as guests. If they pick the first choice, they will be trained to fly an aeroplane using a cutting-edge fighter plane built on a genuine flydubai plane. On the other hand, if they pick this last choice, they are informed about the security measures and provided food, precisely like the passengers.

  • Kidzania's Kinder Chocolate Factory

At Kinder Chocolate Factory, kids may learn to make sweet treats to enjoy with their family and friends. This exercise educates children on how to make their biscuits and educates them to appreciate those who work in industrial plants.

  • Kidzania's FM radio station

At Stars FM Radio Program, kids may figure out how to make radio programs and deliver newscasts. They may experience life in front of and behind the cameras while producing a weekly news show.

  • NAFFCO fire station and Al Jalila hospital

A clinic and a fire department, much as in a prominent place, teach children all forms of community duty. At Jalila Hospital, they study to be caring doctors, while at NAFFCO Fire Department, they train to be swift and decisive firefighters.

  • Package for a Kidzania birthday party

It is also an excellent attraction for birthday celebrations in Dubai. They provide a party bundle that starts and includes one grownup for every two youngsters. You receive a personal conference hall, a house owner and music, 100 KidZos, a kids lunch, invitations, picture opportunities, and more for this price. You can also select another update for an additional fee.

  • Natural Landscapes in Dubai 

Even though seeing stunning desert views isn't the only thing you can do on a Dubai desert safari, it's perhaps one of the main ways travelers go. When you're on a safari, time is the last thing on your mind. Visitors can do it at any time of day. Regardless of what time you pick, you will be treated to some breathtaking sights in the desert.You will also enjoy While Dubai City Tour Deals.


Kidzania is a great indoor activity for children aged 5 to 9. it is a great indoor space for youngsters to train to be more inspirational in terms of their objectives and special skills. It is easier to follow. They can work as physicians, scientists, cops, firefighters, and cooks to make income (kiddos) that they can pay at Kidzania's banks. Little explorers get to explore the marvels of orbit at the launch site, while aspiring physicians get to labour in a surgical centre. kidzania is a fantastic location for your kids to encounter legit settings.

It includes various activities that may educate children on fundamental life skills and help them develop as individuals. If you want to host your child's birthday party at KidZania, they have party offers. If your children enjoy attractions, you may accompany them to Motiongate Dubai or Legoland Waterpark.