The best thing you can do to keep your vehicle in a good condition is service. However, in between services and mobile rwc, here are some tips you can do to keep your car maintained. 


Monitor Tyre Pressure

Inflated tyres reduce your fuel economy, increase the safety of your vehicle and extend the life of your tyres. It has been suggested that to check tyres once a month, or weel;y if you drive a lot, and always before a road trip. To find the correct tyre pressure for your car, look under the bonnet or on the label inside the door. Preferably, the pressure should be checked when the tyres are cold because heat causes air to expand. If you’re carrying a heavy load on a vehicle, you should add around 4 PSI to the recommended pressure to help with the extra strain on the tyres. 


Check The Battery

  • Ensure the terminals are tight, checking it’s secure within the bracket and tighten it if you can wobble it.
  • Check for corrosion build up around the terminals. You can clean it by mixing a soda and water and a wire brush to clean it away. Make sure you wear gloves as the white powder is toxic and should not come into contact with your skin. 


Check Oil and Water Levels

We suggest you check your engine oil twice a month. If the vehicle has been running, allow a few minutes for the oil to settle and ensure the vehicle is on an even surface. The dipstick will be located on one side of the engine, with a yellow looped handle to make it visible clearly. Remove the dipstick and clean a rag. Re-insert the dipstick all the way back in and then inspect the level. The oil should be even in case if the oil is low, remove the oil cap and use a funnel to add a small amount at a time. The scale on the side of the bottle helps indicate how much you’re using. Repeat the dipstick reading until the oil level is sitting between the two markers. 


Check Radiator Coolant Level

A regular visual check of the coolant level in the overflow bottle should be sufficient in between services to control if the level is acceptable. If the level is low and you need it up or in case if your car is overheated, never remove the cap of a hot radiator. The radiator cap is forced and opening it while hot causes a spray of hot steam and coolant, which can result in serious burns. When topping up coolant, never mix colours. The different colours of coolants indicate different chemical compositions. 


Keep It Clean And Safe

Everyone loves the car which is in good condition i.e. not only regular washing and cleaning make your car look great, but also help to maintain its value and even keep you safe. 

  • Check all glass surfaces, do not have any chips, cracks or scratches. 
  • Plastic headlights can turn cloudy and yellow over time, which reduce car appearance and causes reduced visibility at night. 
  • Check wiper blades are not split or damaged and are leaving your windscreen clear. If not, they need replacing as soon as possible so it doesn’t become a safety issue. 
  • Waxing your car not only increases your car’s shine but can protect the paintwork from elements such as bird droppings or fade causing UV rays. 


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