The online job searching apps are getting sheer attention and the freelance apps are the prominent ones. The desire for freelancing jobs is getting augmented due to the bag of benefits every freelance job holds. Well, keeping in mind the need for freelancing apps, at Appdupe, our expert developers have come up with the Fiverr clone solution.

Why Fiverr clone in particular?

Fiverr is a familiar platform for gig works. The Fiverr clone app has been incorporated with a set of similar features, which gives a competitive edge for your business. It is not mandatory that you will have to stick around the pre-built features. Instead, you can add the features based on your research on competitors’ apps. 

If you are unclear about the time required for developing your freelancing app from the Fiverr clone, then you need a few more insights regarding this. First of all, the Fiverr clone is a pre-built app, which can be launched just how it is. If not, like said previously, you can customize the app. If you customize, then the time will extend accordingly. 

The feature set of the Fiverr clone

Search gigs - If the user is particular about the type of job they want, they can directly get to that job by searching in the app.
Post jobs - Job provider can post their jobs on the app, once the admin approves. Based on the jobs posted, users will contact the job provider.
Push notifications- Job providers and users have been facilitated to receive push notifications. Information that is worth sharing through push notifications are transaction status, new jobs, etc.,
Reviews - Any kind of app-related reviews can be posted by users and job providers on the app.

So, will you miss this end-to-end customizable Fiverr clone solution? No, right? Develop and grab a place for yourself in the freelance marketplace soon!