Recommendations: Ability to RuneScape gold defeat numerous guards of level 90+ and Level 80-90 enemies who are invulnerable to almost every weapon and a Level205 Boss, Immune To the range of. For the first time, you must talk to Sir Radimus Erkle, who is in the Legends Guild. Radimus Erkle Many Best Wishes (Player Name). I have no time to spare right now, for a problem has arisen.

Do I have any help? Yes You are able to. However, I caution you that you will face some serious dangers. I'm not scared of any evils! I will embark on this adventure! You are free to do what you'd like (player name). Talk to Lokar on the docks at Relleka. Hey! (Player Name) what can I do for you today? Radimus sent me. He said you should tell me about his "Problem of Great Evils"

Yes I am able to. I can. Freminnik are not the only adversaries of the people of Lunar Isle. There was once a group who lived peacefully alongside the Lunars many years ago.

The day of the Solar Ritual. The Solar Tribe lived once more in peace on the island, and controlled the majority of the island until the Lunar People began a catastrophic war. They were pushed to a large deserted island. The Mages of Lunar Isle were worried they were being targeted by the Solar Tribe was planning something and they set out with an army to take out the Solars. As the Solars began their ritual and the Lunar Mages began to attack. The ritual would be used to control the Lunar People and force them to follow orders. However, the mages halted from doing this, and killed the King of the Solar Tribe. The Tribesmen fled in fear and were never seen again

(Player name) (Player name) I know. What I can tell you is that the Solars have taken over Lunar Isle. You have to penetrate them and discover their plans. Here, take this Lunar Communication Orb. Lokar will present you with an orb that glows and you can place it in your backpack. Talk to the orb, and buy rs 3 gold it will begin to sparkle.