FIFA 22 will be released on October 1, 2021. If you buy the ultimate version, you can play it four days in advance (from September 27). EA play members can also have a limited time trial to experience first. Users who purchase the ultimate version of Xbox one or PS4 can upgrade to Xbox series X / s or ps5 for free through EA's "dual licensing". Buy FIFA 22 Coins at utplay, with cheap price, huge stock and fast delivery!


However, you will not receive a free upgrade to the standard version except for years. EA will regularly disclose more information about the game in the coming months. We focus on all announcements, so here is all the information you need to know about FIFA 22.


FIFA 22 cover star

Paris Saint Germain and France's Kylian mbapp é have once again become cover stars on the packaging of FIFA 21 and now FIFA 22“ It's incredible to be back-to-back on the FIFA cover, "he said“ I have a very special relationship with this game and I look forward to enjoying FIFA 22 with you. "


EA confirmed FIFA 22 function

We have some confirmed features and upgrades. In addition, thanks to in-depth investigation with the development team, we also have a better understanding of how they will affect game play.



The first confirmation feature released this year is hypermotion. From the first official trailer and deep dive, it can be seen that players have made action capture in the case of 11v11 competition.

Using a proprietary machine learning algorithm, this technology is used to evaluate more than 8.7 million frames of player motion to create real-time animation. This brings a more organic feeling to the game and more accurately expresses the interaction and reaction. This is conducive to the player's movement inside and outside the ball. Hypermotion is unique to the ps5, Xbox series X / s, and stadia versions of the game.



The new goalkeeper system has also been confirmed.


Offensive tactics

You can set your attack strategy according to half of the ball. This means that if the ball is still in your area, even if you have the ball, everyone is unlikely to shoot forward.


Create a club

The career model is expanding this year, including being able to start their own football club and make it famous, only by using FIFA 22 coins.


Fu playing football

We don't know how much, but Volta will "reinvent game play".

FIFA ultimate team hero

FIFA ultimate team heroes is "all new items depicting the favorite stories and fame of enthusiastic players and fans".


FIFA 22 leakage

In addition to the confirmed functions, people who have played the closed beta matching engine have also revealed many leaked functions. They have not been confirmed, and there is no guarantee that they will be included in the final game.FIFA twitter user @ kinglangpard managed to share some of the best content before the beta was withdrawn.


Updated heat map

The heat map in the beta version of FIFA 22 doesn't look like a dot field, but more like a real football report. Expected goals (directly from OPTA's Books) also appear in the game - they distinguish between shots and shots that actually have a chance to score