When you take Fildena, it can change your sex hormone levels and increase your body's testosterone and estrogen levels. These two hormones are essential for sexual function. According to Buy Fildena Tablet - Drug Interaction Information, the combination of a male sex hormone, testosterone, and a female sex hormone, estrogen, can produce side effects like fatigue, sleep problems, muscle weakness, decreased libido, hair loss, increased fat deposits in the body, dry skin and nails, and increased chance of infections. The drug interaction information does not indicate how much of each hormone is needed for the above effects to occur.

Menopause is another possible complication when taking sildenafil. Women are particularly vulnerable to this because menopause can affect hormonal balances and cause dryness of the vagina. There are other drugs besides sildenafil that can interfere with the absorption of other medications for health concerns. Make sure you check the side effects and dosage restrictions of any medications you are taking regularly.

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