Most people who have used Vidalista for treating vaginal infections have encountered some side effects. Therefore, Vidalista 20Mg drug interactions with other medicines should be kept in mind. Usually, most of these drugs interact with other medicines like tadalafil, azathioprine, nizatidine, halitosis antibiotics, and antihistamines. The most common Vidalista 40Mg drug interactions are listed below.


Use of tadalafil Some patients reported serious complications like tardive dyskinesia and ventricular fibrillation due to tadalafil and azathioprine. This is so because these medicines increase epinephrine levels and norepinephrine, which is an alpha agonist. Epinephrine is responsible for bringing on alertness, sweating, nervousness, and other serious side effects. Hence, if you have taken Vidalista, you should get the correct prescription from the doctor. It is better to go in for an alternate medication than to use this one.


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