Blain is located within the Warrior's Guild next to RuneScape gold the Master of Attack. Blain is on the ground, and looks like an Barrow. But you can only be able to see him through the Ring of Visibility. If you talk to him, he will tell you: find... Dragon Bitter...

Buy some Dragon Bitter from the Yanille Bar or the Grand Exchange. (Your Player Owned House will also work.) Then, bring it back to Blain. That's much better. Why are you here? I'm inviting you to join my army in order to fight the Corrupted guardian. I see. I'm a fighter however I won't fight until I have my gear for fighting. Blain took me to the Port Phasmatys bank chest. Find an Abyssal whistle or My Dragon Platebody or My Dragon Medium Helm.

Contact a banker in Port Phasmatys. Do you want to gain access to your bank account? Blain sent it to me. Here's a look. You can take off the Medium Helm from the head area, as well as the Abyssal Whip in the weapon spot and the platebody in the chest area. Then, return to Blain with Blain’s crate.

Do you want my crate now? It's everything you asked for. Okay. I'm available 24/7 for any queries. I'm good, I'll be there. The Undead Berseker(Finished after my slayer task and stuff) My latest suggestion for a quest Dawn of the Awakening ends with you fighting an Dragonkin. The kin teleported to you, as with any dragonkin fight I suggest. Here's a hypothetical idea of what you would unlock after the quest. This was actually part of the idea of the main quest. But I felt a deeper explanation was necessary.

How to get there. To start, you'll need an Fairy Ring to reach Brimstail’s Cavern. This leads to the lair. You will find yourself on a rock that is covered in the lava, if you choose to buy RS gold make use of it.