NBA 2K22 is gaining anticipation for MT 2K22 its release later in the year, with high hopes for news to come out shortly, but it appears like Fortnite is getting their own basketball version. Fornite will be getting a LeBron James and Space Jam crossover, something that we need to know about in the event that NBA 2K22 is finally released.

Fortnite's Space Jam crossover is with LeBron Jam. The news was broken earlier this morning that Fortnite is officially getting LeBron James's new skins and gear in the game. The primary look is definitely in the style of the nickname of "King James," however, there are many nods to Space Jam as well. One of the skins for the character is actually LeBron's Tune Squad uniform from Space Jam: A New Legacy, and it's not the first news video game for the movie.

Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game was announced in the month of June. It will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate starting July 1, 2021. The retro-inspired beat'em up will be available through the Microsoft Store starting July 15 just one day prior to the day that Space Jam: A New Legacy is released in cinemas. 

Microsoft reached out in December to get ideas from the public to develop the game. They ultimately combined ideas from the youth-competition winner, Narayan from India, as well as the adult competition winner, Ricky from the United States, to create the title.

NBA 2K22 needs its own Space Jam: A New Legacy content. It doesn't matter if it's tied to MyTEAM or something more deep and complex, it's a huge missed opportunity for NBA 2K22 and include Space Jam: A New Legacy into Buy NBA 2K MT Coins the title.