Hreidmar is taken captive by Zanik, who then teleports to Arposandra. Brimstail is a mastermind who knows how to RS gold hurt his enemies, flees from Glouphrie. The positive is that things are only beginning. You will receive Lucien's Amulet (which isn't able to be worn) Access to Arposandra and the ability to enter into a Dragonkin lair. Lucien's Amulet is available at the Runestone Reverser at the Runecrafting Guild and use the amulet. The amulet can be used up to four times to earn 120K of experience in any skill.

Arposandra Then, go through the Sewer Dungeon. Glouphrie is a threat in this region. He can only be killed through magical attacks. Sometimes Glouphrie will be invincible unless you destroy the Summoning familiar. The health of the character will decrease and he'll disappear in the air. He will leave valuable items to you, and the room will be full of dark energy. Each second, Glouphrie will take 2 damage until the time he returns.

Dragonkin Lair: A brand new Fairy Ring will be available at Brimstail's Cave. It will lead you to a location where Adamant Dragons are exactly like those from before. There are two ways to go. The first takes you to a cave containing Level 120 Wyverns. They breathe in elemental breath similar to buy OSRS gold their skeletal counterparts. They are able to withstand Ice Magic. The second option can lead to an Adamant Dragon level of 398.