The battle in RuneScape is affected by the time of night and day. Certain Magic spells like RuneScape gold the Lunar can be more powerful at night. Ranging can be challenging at night, as it's difficult to discern in the dark.
Also, with night fall areas such as the desert and abandoned areas of cities could be really dark and firemaking can be beneficial in this case. There are many'shady', or disguised, individuals who are out and about, and are able to be threatening you!

Ideas come from Gonza Man! You can choose to have either night or day. If you are going to dark areas, such as under lamposts, you will require a source of light. (Torch or lantern, candle). The nighttime hours will make you exhausted quickly, leading to tiredness. The chances of you stealing increase. 

The chances of you hunting be reduced if you use falcons. Chickens, other NPCs and other animals are not required to be killed in the night. The wilderness will be completely free from revs during day. Prayer will last longer into the night. If there's anything that you feel I need to add, let me know!

The Quest's Name: A Rouge's Bounty. Skill Requirements for: 90 Theiving. Also, you must be able to defeat level 215. Martin Thwait. Quest Requirments: Shield of Arrav, Fremmy Trials and you must at least have started the Fremmy Isles. The difficulty is high. It is possible to start the quest by speaking with Straven or Katrine. It is contingent on the gang you have.

Good morning, fellow gang members. Are you looking to get out for some theiving? Always ready to theive. This is great. I have a special mission for you. I need your help in bringing me back Katrine/Straven. If you don't wear this disguise, he/she might not let you into. Katrine/Straven will provide you with Theive's Mask Jacket Trousers, Trousers and boots. These are your disguises and you are able to speak with OSRS buy gold the opposing gang leader. You'll become the new sheif. Go into.