“100” is a big number. That’s why we celebrate it. Slam a 100 on that history test? You get an A+. Beat the odds and reach that triple-digit birthday? You get a two-minute piece on the news at 6 (check your local listings).

The number “100” has just always been special, so it’s natural that people would want to find ways to celebrate that milestone. Your buddy might have scored only 1 point less, but you have 100 and they don’t, so feel free to talk that trash, Champ. The shame is that there just hasn’t been a proper way to honor that accomplishment…until now.

In 1981 Pop-A-Shot changed the world of arcade basketball. In the ensuing decades, countless bucket-getters have tossed up triple-digit scores, only to be rewarded with nothing but a high-five or a thumb’s up. Never again. Now we reward these net-scorchers with the most coveted prize of all: a medium-sized decal. The exclusive Pop-A-Shot Century Club decal, to be more precise.

To get your Official Century Club sticker, you just have to do a few things:

  1. Score 100 points on your Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade Machine. No 98’s and certainly no 99’s.

  2. Send us a photo or video of you scoring 100+. 

  3. We’ll message you back to get your name and a good shipping address for your sticker.

  4. SLAP that sticker on the flat surface of your choice to shame all who sees it with your Chamberlain-like scoring.

Finally, there is a way to honor and commemorate the top bananas of the Pop-A-Shot world. Anyone can join this elite company, though; all you need is practice. While we don’t expect to hear from Iverson anytime soon, we are looking forward to seeing the rest of you join the ranks of Pop-A-Shot greats.