You ask yourself: "What to do when you're bored?" With smartphones, accessing Amazon Prime and Netflix easily, getting bored, and feeling like there is nothing you can do doesn't seem possible.

Well almost! Now, with the frequent episodes of social distancing, boredom can sometimes become completely inevitable. At the end of the day, we have too much free time.

When it feels like the seconds tick away, here are 10 fun new things to do to avoid a sedentary lifestyle!

1. Make vegetable marinades

You don't need to have a lot of accessories to make your own pickles, pickled red onions, or any pickled vegetable.

All you need is a container, some vegetables, vinegar, salt, sugar and if you want, some spices.

Add your pickled vegetables to salads, ramen dishes, or simply enjoy them as a snack.

2 Practice photography

Taking pictures is a fun activity to do at home. For this, you don't need to buy a fancy camera.

Use the tools you already have, even if it's your phone. Here are some ideas for photo projects you can do at home:

  • Food photography
  • Photograph of your garden
  • Black and white photos
  • Fashion photos
  • The portraits

After taking some amazing photos of yourself, you can post on social media site with fancy fonts, it would really help you to get more presence on social media. 

3. Listen to podcasts

Whatever your interests, podcasts can be very interesting when you're bored.

You can make inspiring discoveries, listen to stories about real crimes, follow political debates, or even enjoy the views of your favorite artist on this kind of show.

If that doesn't help you get bored, there are also shows that will give you a boost. You will also find personal development sessions which are trending online.

4. Make coffee ice cubes

If you're an iced coffee lover, don't let your morning drink go to waste and use the leftovers to make caffeinated ice cubes.

If you want something new, try this experiment. Freezing leftovers from your morning coffee, it's that easy.

5. Make a photo album

It's a good way to use old photos you might have at home. Collect them or print them out to create a beautiful family album.

Thus, you will be able to highlight a few vacations and some of your family memories.

6. Prepare a cocktail .

Whether you prefer a Black Russian or a fall-inspired cocktail like an Orange Cranberry Margarita, it can be fun to play mixologist for the evening.

Look for recipes that you will enjoy or that your guests will find great. You will see, by joining this activity, you will not be so bored!

7. Find sites that offer online volunteering opportunities

The next time you start to get bored, volunteer your time and energy to the community.

If you prefer to volunteer online, visit sites like to find a project you can participate in from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are good at web design or research, you may be matched with a nonprofit organization that needs volunteers.

8. Turn rocks into gems

Collecting precious stones has become a popular hobby . However, it can be costly.

Plus, there are some handy tools that can help you turn ordinary rocks into dazzling gems. This is a fun activity for bored kids and adults alike.

9. Take a nice hot bath

You don't always need to be busy to overcome boredom. Instead, enjoy the solitude by immersing yourself in a hot bubble bath infused with essential oils.

10. Prepare a care pack

If you know a friend is going through a rough time like a breakup or a tough day at work, collect a few of her favorite things.

Place them on his doorstep. You can include a scented candle, homemade baked goods, and a magazine.