You can survive around 8-21 days without food but you can only survive around 3 days without water. The irony is you are lost in a nearby sea area and unable to find the drinkable water. Here are some steps you can follow to make the seawater drinkable.


You just need a plastic water bottle, a soda can, and a pocket knife which you would carry with your tactical gear. You should always make sure to wear appropriate tactical clothing for outdoor activities.


  • The first step is to cut the bottom part of the plastic bottle, make sure to cut the less part as you will require the big part.
  • Similarly, you need to cut the top end of the soda can.
  • Now, you need to put the top end of the plastic bottle in the bottom part of the plastic bottle making the inner gutter.
  • You can fit the plastic bottle over the soda can. You can adjust it if it does not fit properly.
  • After making this, you just need to keep it in the sun and make sure to keep it as much exposure as possible. Exposure to the sun will mean the water will be evaporated faster. So you can get the drinkable water quicker.
  • This way, the gutter will be filled and your drinkable water is ready. After drinking, keep repeating the process.

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