When it comes to Indian spices, there are several varieties right from turmeric, cumin, lal mirch, garam masala, and many more. It is important for you to know that spices are an essential part of your life because they are added to several dishes in order to improve their taste. 

With time, the demand and popularity for spices & masalas have increased in every nook and corner of the world. Today diverse cuisines are dependent on the varieties of spices without wish they won’t taste good. 

You need to know that the secret of the delicious flavor of Indian food is rich spices & masalas that are used for the past several years. All the spices are often considered the heart of Indian cooking. 

They not only flavor but also aroma, taste as well as color to the food at the same time. When all the spices are added, they make a perfect mixture. It is necessary to know that when spices are consumed in moderation, they offer amazing health benefits for your overall body. 

Nowadays, you can buy spices online easily with just a mouse click and get them delivered right to your doorstep. There are several online stores that offer spices and masala but Myndia is the best. 

If you are confused about how to buy spice from an online store then here are a few things that you need to consider:

Pay attention to the color

When it comes to buying spice & masala online, there are several varieties and each of them has its unique color. The color of the spice can tell you its condition whether it is fresh or old. If the spice is not having the desired color, then think about it before buying. 

Remember that the color of the spice is the first indicator that tells whether you need to purchase it or not. 

Go for whole spices

In order to add more power as well as flavor to your dish, it is always better to order whole spices because they stay fresh for a long time. You also need to know that such kinds of spices have a long shelf life.

Not only this, but whole spices are also free from artificial colors as well as flavor. 

Check the quantity 

When ordering spices onlineyou should always know what and how much to purchase because anything less or more than the suggested quantity is not going to offer you desired result. 

In case, you are buying spices and masalas in bulk quantities and storing purpose for future use then don’t forget to consider their shelf life. 

Order small amounts of spices at a time

When purchasing spices and masalas for your home kitchen, it is always better to buy in small amounts or else they will stale. Until and unless you are a very dynamic cook and fond of adding a lot of spices and masalas to your food, it is never a good idea to purchase spices in bulk. 

Consider the packaging 

Before buying the spices and masalas, it is extremely crucial to check their packaging because this will play a vital role in determining the freshness as well as the shelf life of the spices. 

Don’t get attracted just by the packaging looks or image of the spice present on the package. It is always better to order spices & masalas that come with a small transparent viewing window. 

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