White gold and silver wedding rings for women are very popular nowadays. Even diamonds have become very popular alternatives of metals in wedding rings for women. White gold signifies purity and is therefore preferred by many women. Silver, on the other hand, is a very good alternative to yellow gold. However, not all women are comfortable with silver as their rings need constant polishing and cleaning.


Platinum and white gold Wedding Rings For Women are also very popular. These bands are very expensive as compared to other alternatives, but they do last longer than ordinary rings. Platinum wedding bands are more expensive, yet they add sheen to the ring and make it look more elegant. White gold bands are very light in weight and this makes them highly popular.

Why These Rings are So Expensive?

You may wonder why platinum and white gold are so expensive. Basically, the main difference lies in the manufacturing process. While the ordinary rings have to undergo several processing steps, the wedding bands have to undergo only one. This is because platinum and white gold need different processing processes. When these two metals are mixed together, the metal gets softer and can be molded into different shapes without any damage to its original form.

White Gold is often compared to pure gold, but it is not really the same thing. Pure gold is an alloy that contains 92% pure gold, whereas white gold is not a pure alloy, but contains some other metals, usually including copper, silver, titanium, and rhodium. One of the most famous manufacturers of wedding rings for women is Cartier.

Many Other Manufacturers are in Market!

There are many other manufacturers of wedding rings for women, including those from Pringles, Burberry, Tiffany, Kate Spade, and Vera Bradley. They offer a wide selection of styles and prices. The most popular materials included in wedding rings for women are yellow gold, rose gold, and stainless steel. The most preferred engagement ring in the market is undoubtedly the platinum wedding ring. It is elegant, classic, and beautiful.


Women love diamonds. Whether they are yellow gold or white gold, diamonds will always be their favorite companion. In fact, women prefer to have diamonds on their wedding rings more than any other metal. Of all the diamond types, yellow gold is the most popular. Although there are many models and styles available, the most favorite among them is the round cut diamonds and the princess cut diamonds.


The choice of wedding rings for women is even wider. You can select from gold, platinum, and even titanium bands. Moreover, you can also select your diamonds, be it a large or small diamond. And, you can also pick your metal such as platinum, yellow gold, or stainless steel. Your wedding ring styles are also diverse since you can also choose from gemstone bands, beaded bands, and solitaire bands.


The classic wedding rings for women are the white gold bands. Women love classic designs. And, they are very much satisfied with white gold wedding rings. Aside from being classic, they are also durable and easy to maintain. So, if you want an exquisite and timeless design, make sure that your choice is made of a high-quality white gold band.

Another Popular Choice!

Another popular choice of wedding rings for women are stackable wedding rings. Usually, stackable ring styles are more preferred by women because they are simple yet elegant. For instance, the eternity ring is a stackable ring style wherein one ring is stacked on top of the other. They can easily match with any type of gown. The stacked rings are more preferable when you want to give a gift as well.


Diamonds and yellow gold wedding bands are also two other popular choices of wedding rings for women. The elegance and simplicity of diamonds make them the most preferred choice. Aside from the usual yellow gold, diamonds are now also being commonly used in platinum wedding bands. In fact, some types are being enhanced with nickel. However, this is still a minority. Because of this, you can definitely find a lot of choices of diamonds and yellow gold wedding bands.


The platinum, titanium, and 18-carat gold wedding bands are also commonly used in wedding ring styles. When choosing wedding ring styles, it would really be helpful if you are knowledgeable about the various wedding ring materials. In addition, you may also want to check out the quality of each material first before making a purchase. All in all, choosing the right wedding band style depends on the preference of the couple. You should also take into account the personality of the bride and groom. If you think that the couple's personalities are ideal for each type of wedding band, then choosing that particular style will truly be easy for them.