How to recover Google Account for Android Phone?

Having a Google Account is one of the best ways to save your time and data. But imagine you lost access to your Google Account when you need it the most. A troubling thought, isn’t it? This article can be beneficial to you if you need assistance in recovering your Google Account from your Android phone.

Google Account recovery becomes crucial when you want to secure your professional messages and keep track of communication.

Simple steps to recover Google Account for Android phone

Recovering your Google account is a time-consuming task, but this article will guide you with easier ways to help you out. If you are an Android user, follow these straightforward steps to help yourself recover Google Account:

  • Search Google Support from your web browser
  • Visit the official Google Help webpage
  • You will see a search box to enter your query
  • Type Google Account Recovery for AndroidYou will see a new homepage full of relevant instructions; select the most appropriate option

Now you will get the guide of possible issues you are facing and their respective solutions

  1. Forgot Password: If you forgot your Gmail password, then you can reset your password by answering some prompted questions. Answer those questions in the best way possible. Now reset your password with a stronger one and then you are good to go!
  2. Forgot Email Address: You will need a phone number or recovery email address and the full name of your account. Now follow the instruction to confirm that it is your account. You will then get a list of accounts that matches the information of your account.
    Apart from these generic problems, there are some other problems faced by the users. But do know worry, you will get solutions to all your problems on the official Google Account recovery page. Recover your Google Account now and use all the services with Google Help Support Page.