What is Karma

Karma is a Sanskrit word referring to the cycle of cause and effect, meaning every action a person taking in their life will affect them in the future. This rule also applies to a person's thoughts and words. Karma is an important concept of Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Types of Karma

Karma is broadly classified as Good Karma and Bad Karma. A Karma resulting from a person's good intentions and actions is good karma, while the karma arising from the bad intent and actions of a person is bad.

Examples for Good and Bad Karma

Examples of Good Karma

  • Doing service to the society following the rules and regulations of the society
  • Helping the poor and needy and even the animals.
  • Behaving well with others
  • Practice tolerance and shun hate

Examples of Bad Karma

  • Being self-centered and egoistic
  • Misusing power and authority
  • Oppressing the poor
  • Taking others for granted
  • Being filled with hate and malice 

Importance of getting rid of your bad karma

Getting rid of your bad karma is very vital to progress both spiritually and materially. Unless you are free of your bad karma, you cannot progress in your spiritual journey. The same applies to material success. You might have good luck or a favorable astrological phase currently and might taste success because of it, but when your luck is gone or when the good astrological phase is over, issues will crop up.

It is believed that Lord Shani (Saturn), one of the important navagrahas and the god of karma, rewards or punishes a person during the Sade Sati phase depending on the good karma and bad karma done by a person.

7 Strategies to get rid of your bad karma

We saw about karma, its types, and the need to get rid of the bad karma. Now, let us look at the 7 Strategies to get rid of your bad karma.


If you realize that you have committed a mistake, never hesitate to apologize. Initially, your ego might make it hard to apologize, but gradually you will learn it. The people hurt by you may feel depressed, and they might develop an ill-feeling on you, which will negatively impact you. When you apologize, the ill-feeling the persons affected because you will vanish or it will come down. Moreover, apologizing to others will turn you into a mature person.

Learn from your mistakes:  

Learning from your past mistakes is an important step in reducing your bad karma. To err is human, but at the same time, you have to ensure not to repeat the same mistake. When you learn lessons from your mistakes, you will be careful not to repeat them, making you perfect.

Practice Meditation:

Meditation is a wonderful technique that helps you to keep a tab on yourself. It increases your concentration and self-focus, resulting from which you will be able to do a self-review of your actions and intents. In addition, meditation will increase the positive vibrations in you and helps to accumulate good karma and banish your good karma. 

Be Mindful:

Developing good qualities like tolerance, empathy, and being considerate towards others will help you be mindful. It would be best to control your emotions and actions so that you won't hurt others intentionally. Being mindful helps you to stay cool and understand the point of view of others.

Be Grateful:

Being grateful is a wonderful character; parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and even strangers would have helped you in your life journey. Try your best to stay grateful to the people who have helped you; without them, you would have found it difficult to reach the current position. But, on the other hand, your ungratefulness might hurt the people who helped you, and their disappointment in you might turn into bad karma.

Communicate sensibly: 

The way you communicate defines your relationship with others. Be sure to communicate clearly and pleasantly. Improper communication will lead to misunderstanding and may even spoil your relationship with other persons. Take extra care while communicating with your subordinates or people who are below your status. Your angry word or gesture might hurt them badly. 

Beware of toxic people:

Be alert to stay safe from toxic natured people. They will be aiming at your downfall and will try to do all things to make it happen. If you allow toxic people into your life, your good qualities will disappear from you, and as a result, you will indulge in activities that increase your bad karma. So when you get to know the toxic nature of any person, avoid them at any cost.

The above are the 7 Strategies that help you to get rid of your bad karma. Try following these in your day-to-day life and see the transformation.