Many of us believe that children are valuable assets in our life. They represent our love, our future, and, for the majority of us, our pinnacle achievement. We want to protect them in every way possible, and our primary priorities are their joy, health, and education. Here are a few essential & vital things you should do as a newly single parent to get the ideal parenting arrangement possible.

● Make sure your children are your top priority - This should come from several different angles, as both emotional support for them during a difficult period, and also making sure that you don't let any negative feelings you have towards your ex get in the way of what is best for the children.

● Explain to your kids whatever is going on - Don't leave them in the dark.
It is stressful enough, leaving them out of the loop. If you explain what is happening, they will understand and feel better talking to them.

● Stay Positive and Upbeat - Try not to be negative around the children. Life moves in mysterious ways. It could be that separation is the best thing that ever happens to you. Who knows. Act as though it is in any case because your upbeat mood will rub off on the children, and they will feel better about the situation.

● Be Business Like With Your Ex - This doesn't mean wearing a suit around them! Simply make sure that you have your and your kid's interest as a priority. So that if there are any arguments about custody etc. The mood still stays calm.

● Set ground rules for dating - Ensure that any other people you date do not come between you and your children's lives. At some stage, they may have to - but worry about it then. For the moment, keep them detached from your children.

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