Epson printers are famous for their exceptional performance and quality prints. Most of us recognize that each and every driver or printer has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, sometimes you need to face difficulties in them because of mechanical and technical explanations. Error code 0x97 is this a kind of difficulty which you might need to confront all of surprising. To handle such kinds of mistakes, you should be aware of them, and it's also wise to know the approach to repair the Epson Printer 0x97 .


Consequently, if you're facing such kind of mistake with your Epson Printer, then stick with us as we're likely to speak about what exactly is Epson WF 3640 Error Code 0x97 and ways to fix it all on your own.


This is a mistake that happens when you attempt to experience any kind of internal hardware problem with your printer. It can happen due to motherboard malfunction or another type of internal part malfunction. If you're going through error code 0x97, then you might not have the ability to use your own Epson Printer. Thus, look for a system to repair this issue to permit the operation of your Epson Printer.


This mistake can be observed in your printer LED display, and it occurs when you're forcing or printing the printer to close down suddenly. Until now, we've understood what Epson mistake code 0x97 is and why it happens. Now, let us head to talk about the technique to repair the error code 0x97.


You need to follow all of the steps to mend the error code 0x97.


Method 1: Disconnect everything in the printer


First, cancel all printing jobs and assess for paper sticks, if any

Currently, disconnect all of the wires which are attached to the printer, such as USB wires, cable wires, ink cartridges, ink cartridges, as well as power cords

Subsequently, long-press the printer's Power button (about 1 min )

Now plug everything that you have disconnected and join back it

To turn in your printer, press the Power button and then Have a test print

If still, You're confronting the problem, then browse on the 2nd method to Repair this specific Epson printer error code


0x97 fix stains.


This way is virtually like the initial method.


Method 2:Resetting Your Printer


Disconnect all of the wires and cables connected together with your Epson Printer

Now, allow your printer require a break for 5 min

Subsequently, press and hold the Power button to turn off it

Now, re-connect all of the wires and cables and try restarting your printer

Subsequently, long-press the Power button and then run a test print to assess whether the problem has been repaired or not

When it's showing the identical mistake yet, afterward, head into another method.


Method 3: Attempt to set up or upgrade your printer driver


This might be a reason for your Epson Printer mistake code 0x97. Otherwise, then browse the official site to upgrade a printer driver instantly. In addition, it can safeguard your printer from malware so maintain your motorist up-to-date.




Simply speaking, the Epson mistake code 0x97 is a sort of warning mistake that occurs while forcing or printing the printer to close down suddenly. You might be unable to use the printing solutions before you fix it eternally. In this guide, we've concluded the cause along with also the technique to mend Epson mistake code 0x97.