Child custody, child support, & alimony are among the most debatable and challenging issues that most divorced couples usually encounter during separation. Each party usually wants to have custody of the child. However, this decision is only granted once all requirements are met.

In some instances, joint or shared child custody may not be best for the child due to several reasons, like the other parent is not emotionally and psychologically capable of attending to the child's needs due to chronic depression and other mental health problems. If ever the child is in the custody of such a parent, then the youngster might be at risk.

The same is true if one parent is abusive and the child is at risk of physical abuse and maltreatment during the custody of such parent. Hence, if you know that your ex-partner cannot attend to the overall needs and health of the children, you should exert your efforts that child shared custody is not granted by the court.

However, if both parents are capable of taking care of the children psychologically and financially, this decision would be the most ideal, as children generally need both parents - the father and the mother. Bear in mind that there are strategies and techniques for getting the right custody for your child.

You need to know and formulate these strategies with a child custody  ttorney's help so that the best custody condition is given for your children; based on both parents' existing conditions. Hence, if shared child custody is the best option, then fight for it. If this is not the best custody for the child because there are some risks involved, then you must ensure that the court doesn't grant child shared custody in your case.

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