Educators can teach with an open heart and, if students are not motivated, fail to impart information. For students to learn effectively, they must be motivated, see the purpose of education, and want to be successful. High schools can increase the likelihood that their students are open to and accept learning by presenting motivational assemblies to their students. By getting someone from the outside to talk about the importance of education, high schools can allow their students to see that education really matters and that the effort of education, or the lack of it. education effort, will have an impact on their lives.

Summary of this practical sheet

1 Professional athlete
2 Highly performing disabled individual
3 actor
4 Class challenge

Professional athlete
Professional athletes can easily capture the interest of high school students. Many high school students aspire to become like their favorite professional sports player. Use the students' already admiration for these larger-than-life figures to motivate them to stay on track at school. Host an assembly where a professional athlete can express the importance of education and goal setting to your students. In all likelihood, students will listen with breathless breaths to this revered individual.

To have a professional athlete visit your school, contact your local sports team or send a request to a former successful athlete. While it may take some effort to get a professional athlete to come to your school, the results will be worth it.

High-performing disabled individual
People with physical or mental disabilities can often provide inspiring stories of effort and persistence for your students. These people have often faced extremely formidable obstacles in their lifetime. Invite a person with a disability to speak at a school assembly so your students can see what can be accomplished with effort and dedication.

Use comedy as a vehicle to communicate information by inviting a comedian to your school and motivate your students by presenting a comedy routine. There are many comedians across the country who offer comedies with a message for businesses and schools. Contact one of these specialty comedians or reach out to a local comedian and talk to them about changing their act to incorporate motivational messages. Students will likely be excited to walk out of the classroom and enjoy some comedic entertainment and, laughing, they won't even notice being presented with motivational messages.

Class challenge
Very few things motivate high school students as much as a challenge. Encourage all students to get their heads in the game by pitting classes against each other in an academic challenge. Hold a meeting, and discard the details of the challenge. Set a time, create a goal, and explain how you will measure success. Also, offer a desirable prize for the winning class. Allow students to work with their peers of the same age so that students in other grades are the best, then hold another meeting to announce the winners. It is likely that the students will win the nice prize and, more importantly, the bragging rights.