To put simply, probate is an official process that helps determine a will validity, as well as the rightful heirs when there is no will. A probate matter usually includes (a) filing obligatory documents in the court, income taxes, tax return, clearing the dues, and finally distributing the assets among the beneficiaries. The process is pretty lengthy and complex. And, with the help of a probate paralegal in Sacramento, you can carry out the entire process smoothly without any errors or delays. 

Filing a probate

Well, a legal expert can help decide on whether or not you require probate. Unlike attorneys, the service charge of paralegals is more affordable. However, a paralegal’s primary responsibility is to draft the probate documents that are required to be filed in court. The paralegals are also liable to publish a notice to the creditors (if there is any). 

Help the personal representative 

In the entire probate process, a personal representative is involved who is responsible for performing the fiduciary roles. The paralegal in Sacramento often helps guide the representative about his duties and liabilities. 

Prepare the inventory 

Another vital duty of a personal representative is to prepare the inventory of the assets. The probate assets chiefly include solely-owned assets. However, a personal representative rarely has much knowledge about inventories. Again, here, a probate paralegal in Sacramento

 plays a significant role! With his expertise, he guides and assists the representative to determine the value of the status, helping in the preparation of the inventory.

Tax return

Once the first phase of the inventory is drafted and an average estimation of the property is done, a paralegal in Sacramento can help determine whether or not a tax return has to be filed. And if it is necessary, the paralegal himself will do everything on your behalf, making the process easier for you to handle.

The paralegal in Sacramento work together with the representative and gather the following information 

Assets in which the deceased person took an interest 

  • Joint interests 
  • Life insurances
  • Annuities 
  • Revocable transfers
  • Transfers related to estates 
  • Gifts that are given within three years of the death 

These are just to name a few. A probate paralegal does a lot more than this. He handles the accounts of the estate and clears the debts using the estate fund. If you have any queries, we are free to resolve them. Consult our experts at LDA today!