WordPress is a fantastic platform to develop a website, it can provide webmasters with little or no technical knowledge of the foundation to build a very interesting website, and can usually be achieved with a limited budget. There are several countless ways to adjust and add extra functionality to your WordPress blog or website, and with all these controls for customization also comes the opportunity to customize your site for search engines and increase your visibility in searching for your main target keywords.

While fixing some more standard SEO problems such as adding page titles and relatively simple meta descriptions, other problems, such as dealing with duplicate content and overcoming the pagination, it can be a little more complicated and requires additional technical knowledge. Get to know about online course via visiting https://www.howtobuysaas.com/blog/best-online-course-platforms/.

One of the first things to be addressed by the new WordPress installation is the problem of duplication of content. While Google and other major search engines are usually smart enough to see instances where duplicate content has been made as a result of the work system of certain content management or human error, some errors can slip through the internet and where this happens, it can cause no results Desired where your content effectively compete with itself on search engine results pages for positions.

The easiest way to fix duplicate content problems on WordPress is to use "The_exCerpt" as opposed to "The_Content" - Search for your WordPress file and add the code "The_exCerpt" in the code "The_Content" code is needed. The main categories and blog pages (do not edit post templates). This will ensure only quotes, rather than full posts, shown on your blog or news page.

Another fast repair for WordPress is to set the number of posts displayed per page. Search engines do not like pagination and you can limit the number of pagination on your blog by setting a postal count to be displayed, for example, 30 posts per page. You can set the number of posts to display per from your WordPress settings menu. Get to know about Wix vs WordPress: 7 Best Points to Consider Before Choosing The Right One via visiting https://www.wpoven.com/blog/wordpress-not-sending-email/.