One of the first decisions I have to do when I have my website built is choosing a theme. As a beginner, I really don't know what is meant. I just answered the question by choosing the number of columns I wanted. I do not understand that the way the theme is written (encoded) will affect my experience with my website. Because I didn't realize that there were many choices when it comes to themes, I struggled a lot by learning how to use my website.

I did not realize that one of the reasons I had trouble getting my website to see as I wanted was the theme. You see, the theme contains all HTML and CSS which determines how your website is displayed. Then I took one of the many classes I took and learned why I had so many problems. The great news is that the theme can be easily changed.

Now I like WordPress and I encourage everyone to use it. Not kidding, even beginners can have a website that looks good only by using WordPress and themes that fit their personal needs and preferences. There are many big themes out there, some free, and others are considered a premium theme and they have associates fees with them.

Free theme vs premium

Free themes available with WordPress can be installed by just clicking on the theme in the dashboard sidebar. After you install WordPress on your site, it will come with a known "Hello World" theme. If you prefer different themes, you can click on the theme tab and you will see the box that says the search theme. You can click the preview to see what the theme is.

Most premium themes will give you more flexibility than you get with free. They will often have various page layouts that you can change easily. Some of these themes are somewhat tailored to various types of businesses, namely many default drawing space for photographers or brokers. Get to know about How to Fix ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH Error? via visiting

There are many more formal layout making it suitable for more company websites. Your website is the way the world looks at your business, so you want to think about what you want to show in the world. Some considerations are how many columns you need, such as what headers and footers, as well as basic structures. Some have all parts that you can drag and drop, it's too cool.

Themes can be changed.

I recently changed my theme. I have to tell you that I am very happy that I did it. Now it's much easier to make my website do what I want. Paired with a few large plugggins, I now post easily.

Choosing a theme for your website can be a little confusing. Beginners can now get help for the fundamental questions when you have a simple question that makes you crazy. There is no technician here, only WordPress fans speak simple English. Get to know about How To Fix HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on Wordpress Site? via visiting