There are changes in the way the plug-in runs on the website today. While this raises problems for most SEO workers, previously recommended to install ancient way plug-ins, or just upload this program through WordPress without having to use FTP sites.

To resolve this problem, here are installation instructions for plug-in services:

  • Enter as Administrator
  • Click on the plug-in tab found in the left corner
  • Select "Add new" from the top of the page that appears
  • Type the name of the plug-in you want to install in the search box
  • Scroll down the results page and find the plug-in you want
  • Select "Install now"
  • Click the link found in the next screen that contains the "Activate Plug-in"
  • Configure it by selecting it from the left column. If you don't see it, you might need to click on the settings to appear on the drop down menu.

Now the installation has been discussed, we offer you the following plug-ins to help optimize the functions of your site, as well as other purposes such as security and the like.

Security plug-in for WordPress

WordPress has several security issues in the past, so it is very important for you to take advantage of the following to improve the security measures of your site:

This Akismet-Plug-In will charge your site for $ 5 per month for use, but it is better to use it to keep spammers away.

Lockdown login - which prevents people from using a tool to guess the password to your site's admin console. When you are on it, make sure to choose a safe password to reduce this obstacle.

WP DB Backup- This type sends you a copy of your site in a certain period to check the change in layout and the like. Get to know about 12 Best WordPress Table Plugins Compared To Choose [2021] via visiting

SEO / Social Media Plug-in

It is designed to help you market your WordPress blog in a larger audience, through various ways:

All in one SEO package allows entering a special title and Meta Tag for each page or posting you make on your blog

Google Analytics for WordPress - allows you to enter GA code in most of your WordPress blog pages.

Sociable - Allows readers to share your blog posts through a social networking platform

Tweetme- Allows Readers to Record Your Blog Content Through a Short Link

Communication plugin

These types are designed to maximize communication readers.

Contact Form 7- Make a form for the reader to send their comments to the blogmaster.

Subscribe to comments - Allows notifications every time a new comment is done on a blog post, and allows them to read dialogue when it takes place.

There are many types that are suitable for your choice. What is needed is just patience to look for one. Get to know about 10 Best WordPress LMS Plugins To Create Courses In 2021 via visiting