Older versions of AOL Desktop Gold will be discontinued

Before the launch of AOL Desktop Gold version in the market, the users were using the previous version known as the AOL. This version of the software could be accessed for free and the operators had to levy no charges. But after the software was upgraded in the year 2017 and came to be known as AOL Desktop Gold, the users could use it for free but only on a trail-month basis and afterward they had to pay the charges of 4.99 dollars per month. The AOL Company is slowly discontinuing the older version of AOL software and also discontinuing its free service. There is no formal date that has been released that when will this happen. Even though the previous version will be suspended, but the users can still use services such as AOL emails through Aol.com mail website and other free services. If you wish you can  AOL Desktop Gold Download for mac in your system by checking the system requirements or you can update into the current version by visiting the official website.

There is nothing much that has changed with the onset of the current version of AOL Desktop Gold. But surely, it has become more secure and safe than before. It is now enhanced with anti-phishing and security features.  There are some changes and alterations that have been made in the AOL email, IM interfaces, etc. But they cannot be seen as really major ones. If you feel like you don’t want to pay for accessing this software, then you can always visit the AOL.com mail website and have access to the email and other services provided by AOL. You can access the features and the contents of the software by visiting the net and exploring it through web browsers such as Internet explorer, chrome, Firefox etc.

If you wish to use the free AOL.com services, you need to implement the given procedure:

  • Open the web browser and type aol.com.
  • Double click on the mail icon and sign with your username and ID

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When you will open the AOL mail on the website you will see that it is same as the AOL desktop Gold version. No significant changes are there. You can use it as a contact book, instant messaging, there will be the same messages in your inbox, spam folder, etc. It totally depends on you whether you want to go for the paid version of AOL Desktop gold. Since there is date that has been announced as to when the previous versions will be discontinued, you can still continue with working on the older version. And if in case you wish to understand the technical procedure of  AOL gold free Download  in your operating system, then you can do so by visiting its official website or getting help from the customer support.

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