The replacement workload of the ultrafine vertical mill bearings is very large. When the spare parts are fully prepared, it takes about 7 days to replace the ultrafine vertical mill or a set of ultrafine vertical mill bearings at the fastest, and the replacement cost is high and the economic loss caused is relatively large.

Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the roller bearings, the following points need to be done in daily maintenance:

Ensure the normal operation of the sealed fan. The wind pressure should not be lower than the specified value. Under normal circumstances, it should be kept above 20Bar. Regularly check whether the sealed air duct is damaged; the joint bearing at the joint between the sealed air duct and the ultrafine vertical mill in the grinding cavity Whether the flange is disengaged, etc.

At the same time, in order to ensure that the positive pressure air entering the ultrafine vertical mill is clean, a filter screen and filter cloth must be installed at the entrance of the fan to prevent micro-particle materials from entering the sealing air cavity of the ultrafine vertical mill, damaging the sealing ring and oil seal of the ultrafine vertical mill, and causing the ultrafine vertical mill Oil spill.