According to the ESRB, it's not merely the content's graphic nature. Other items are taken into account. By way of instance, if you can go to NBA 2K21 MT a casino or something comparable and bet money (real or imitation ), that is Simulated Gambling, a content descriptor that isn't used quite often (commonly seen in Poker or casino simulation games). Exchanging currency (real or fake) to get a prize is betting, especially once you have the odds of getting something greater than what you might be expecting. Enough about the ESRB rating there's so much there and it has got nothing to really do with all the post I made at big. PS isn't worth the investment like I said.

So I play those, there is plkenty of games which have online multiplayer without need of subscription. As for NBA2K, I got bore of 2K20 and I really don't get why you are dogging me about getting bored. I did all I can do and now I can spend my time on something I haven't gotten tired of, such as NBA Live, MLB that the Show.Maximum Foottball, Madden 19. Persona 5 Royal.I have a backlog of games I have not completed and I can honestly say I'm finished with NB2K20.

Ratings Too Damn High

I swear, if I play MyLeaguge, GM or even MyCareer over the initial five years a bunch of teams will have a few or more players using overalls of 90 and much more. I understand there is sliders for the progression speed but even then I really don't feel that helps this much. It simply delays it to Cheap 2K21 MT 10 in 5 years. I recall playing old nba and 2K games such as nba live 2005 that had overalls that are fairer. For example, Ron Artest was an all star in 2004 and the year's player and his overall was just 69.