PART 1: I know how you are feeling, you thought you diversified and Animal Crossing Bells you then realized their graphs are indistinguishable. What exactly does having two identical charts with different DDs mean? I did some describing in this reply. TL;DR: dilluting our funds will be the worst fucking thing we can do today, particularly when we have just two (nearly ) identical stocks and GME includes a way higher possibility of brief squeezeng to infinity (dependent on the ammount of short interest, float along with the upwards movement brought on by social media clout the past week).

PART 2: $FUCKU (who nobody is talking about) is about the new $GME, men,"listen up this is the most important DD that you could ever read" . Same as above less beige, tired of read half-assed DDs in the center of the stock motion of the century. I'm tired of those posts. You seem like your wife's boyfriend left even her since the weakness of your?? ?? Is intolerable. I replied hereto some of the most worrisome nightmares but you can do a fucking Google search before thinking shit from randos on Twitter.

These are only a few examples I found floating about like turds on the pond filled with gold we're drinking from right today. There will be more, so please, LISTEN to my TL;DR.

Other way too. I own the states tiniest hedge fund and buy Animal Crossing Items I joined over the weekend to get the motion and monday my dumb ass will be buying gamestop market fucking open since Ive been fucked by citadel so tough before my asshole bled out.