You'll see two dark stairs for fire cape osrs melee fight against Nemesis. You can use Ranged or mage from the ground to waste less time. Nemesis will not be attacking you so that you may get near it and attack it because it'll be busy charging a Dark ball. If you create it in time, Nemesis will collapse and drop 1 Gp (jk). Well that's it. I would like a Reward thought or something. I hope you guys like my thought though.

Runescape over all is a very addictive and enjoyable game (much better for users using anything over the rate of dial up), despite the deep under standing and inability of non members. Becoming a member in my opinon is probley the worth the money if you reside in a nation which has a high or standard exchange rate, its rather cheap and with the reducing value of the USD it becomes even more economical to play runescape as a member, if you don't utilize american dollar or anything source of cash connected to it.

Anyway there are a number of things that could be made better and a couple of things that need to be eliminated. 1 thing that NEEDS to be removed is that the new trading system, however it a fantastic idea to reveal the worth of the items place in trade it's now however a good idea to force players to provide an equal trade. If a person is dumb enough to pay more money for an item then it is worth then have them becuase its stops us from trading cash or items to other accounts that we might have and limits us heavly to donate items or money as gifts or loans to other people. Thats my opinon on the new trade system and I know alot of folks would agree with me that debate.

The images on the game is a heavly argued topic against runescape. However proving 3D it's simple and watchable. Alot of different mmorpgs have a lot stronger graphics build but can take alot longer to load. As I have observed from enjoying many previous games such as world of warcraft; runescape is payed out heavly and can be utilized within an offence announcement.

The majority of the folks that say things like that are those who judge matches on there graphics as well as becuase as many men and women know there are millions of noobs on runescape everyday. Only a few tweek into the matches graphics could improve it alot more like if the sqauring was mixed in the floor. I know that things such as the ground squaring reveals players possible spots to endure but the match will be much more attractive to buy rs07 fire cape eliminate things like that.