Getting a divorce is a traumatic experience - terminating a marriage brings in conflicts that can sometimes be amusing if you will try to look at it from a different perspective. One of those conflicts is the issue of pet custody. Many divorce cases are embroiled in child custody cases, but some fight over the custody of a beloved pet. This makes a lot of sense for pet owners since pets are considered valuable companions. It can be bothering for some people to think that they will have to part with a pet they have cherished for so long and lose it to a person with whom they are now hostile.


The laws governing pet custody depend from state to state. The majority of the states consider pets as just property and therefore have no special status as far as the law is concerned. However, there are cases when the court makes a ruling that somehow "humanize" pet custody. The court will consider several factors when deciding who gains custody of a pet. Some of those common factors are:


  • Who bought the pet?
  • Who spent time and effort caring for it?
  • How well is the pet taken care of by that person?


Children play a considerable role in pet custody decisions. Frequently, the pet will remain at home with the children because they are more attached to the pet. The court also feels that removing the pet away from the children will add to the children's stress over the divorce, and it's best to keep the pet at home. But whatever the situation may be, you'll need the guidance of an accomplished Divorce Attorney who can help you secure your rights & benefits.


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