There are lots of popular melee weapons out today: the dragon scimitar, the abyssal whip, and the DDS, the granite maul, the anchor, and (maybe most ardently ) the god . The god sword could easily hit over 50 damage, but since the DDS has the capacity to OSRS gold one-hit kill someone with 99 HP, I believed it the weapon hitting the most harm.

And today we arrive at magical. There is alchemy, of course. It costs a lot nowadays, assuming you do not create the character runes and the items you're alching. Another way of increasing your magic is the slow, dull technique of the Mage Training Arena. I've completed it (earned my mage's publication ), and it is okay for low cost. It is really slow, however, and therefore dull.

Many mages do NOT use battle magical to train; the encounter given is awful. If one"mud staffs" they take lots of soul runes or body runes and continuously cast it on a goal. To prevent it from working, they generally wear melee armor to ensure their magic attack lowers to the point where successfully casting it's impossible. This way is quite dull and expensive, but more about the dull side.

With ancient magic the maximum hit with magical is 30 using the level 94 Ice Barrage spell. This charm splashes very often even when wearing the best gear, and is extremely costly and reasonably slow. On cheap RuneScape Mobile gold the other hand, it can hit multiple targets; around nine at a time. This is great and all, but it is terrible with a one-of-a-kind battle. So terrible, actually, that mage stakers (like myself) use ice blitz over barrage since it hits more often.